Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert

DTG Consulting Solutions understands the importance of your privacy. We never ask candidates to pay any kind of fee, make cash or check advancements, cash checks from outside sources or make an investment in any product or service. Nor would we ask our candidates to supply information, such as credit card numbers, banking PIN numbers, by email or online.

Please be aware that if you receive requests like the ones described above, it is likely a form of fraud. Please contact us if your think someone is using DTG Consulting Solutions’ name to seek this information from you.

What to do if you suspect fraud

  • Please contact us immediately at if you receive any suspicious communications that reference DTG Consulting Solutions or DTG Finance & Capital Markets. Suspicious communications include those that ask you to reveal personal information, either via email or on a website, or that that ask you to cash checks or pay any sort of fee. By letting us know about suspicious communications, you can help us prevent others from being deceived.
  • Contact the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center and follow its instructions to lodge a complaint:

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