Congratulations! The client offered you the job.

All they need to do now is perform a background check (which goes back 7 to 10 years) and then the rest of the onboarding process begins.

Here are some ways to make this part of the process go more smoothly.

  1. Whatever you do, DO NOT FUDGE your resume.
  2. If you went to school but did not receive the diploma/credentials, whatever you do, don’t say that you did. Either say you attended school or don’t include education on your resume at all. Too many candidates have had the job offers retracted by the company because of this particular untruth.
  3. If you have worked at a company through a consulting company, disclose the name of the consulting company when going through the background process. Example, worked at Sony through XYZ consulting company.
  4. Make sure you have valid contact information for the consulting company, or pay stubs and a w2 from that company ready to show the background checking company.
  5. If there are gaps in employment, don’t extend the time at your previous employers.
  6. If you have a criminal or civil matter in your background within 10 years, disclose it. This is one good reason for working through a search firm. Depending on what the offense was, and how long ago it was, the search firm often times can work with the client to save your job offer. If you wait until the client finds out as the result of the background check, most likely they will retract the job offer. While a client can’t not hire you because of a criminal act there are exceptions, such as, if you stole from a bank and your new job was in the finance area of a bank.

Your resume is a reflection of your employment accomplishments, Just remember, what you write on your resume may or may not be used against you.