To be successful everyone must maintain a proper amount of self-confidence which should be applied throughout all areas of your present and future career moves. Your confidence should motivate your preparation and your presentation with your colleagues, your superiors and perspective employers.

For example, when preparing or updating your resume you should demonstrate confidence in the skills you have acquired throughout your career thus far. Your resume is a representation of your strengths and achievements and will be used by the prospective employer you want to impress. It should convey your competitiveness and demonstrate your abilities. It is the tool that will be used to consider you for the position you are seeking. Confidence is a representation of your professionalism and there should never be a hesitation regarding your background and abilities.

It is imperative that your first impression in an interview is done with complete confidence of your ability and knowledge. Your confidence is a reassurance to your potential employer that there is no doubt of your skills, that you can accomplish what is expected of you flawlessly and that there is no doubt that they have found the right person for the job. There is no possibility to make a second first impression.

Dress for success should be part of your character representation and confidence is an important part of how you will portray yourself. Unless informed otherwise you should always dress business professional for an interview. Following instructions is something critical as well and one must always be confident that they understand the rules. At times you may find clients that dress more casual and request that the candidate does the same. In such situations you should follow the instructions and dress as instructed, as disobeying your instruction could be a horrible start to your next possible career. You should be confident that the way you are presenting yourself is exactly what they are looking for.

The firm representing you must be on the same page as you. If they have done their work they should be confident that they know you well enough to present you correctly. There are times in which the hiring manager asks the recruiter questions about the candidate before an interview is even requested. If the recruiter is unsure of their candidate and unable to convince the client, there is a risk of losing a good opportunity.

These steps will help you in conducting yourself with confidence throughout the interview process.