Candidates who are treated well and have a positive experience during the hiring process are “38% more likely to accept an offer.”

This comes from a study via IBM’s Smarter Workforce Institute, led by 2 Ph.D’s.

It can be quite deflating for a company and a hiring manager to reach the end of the hiring process and extend an offer, only to have the candidate reject.

The #1 cause of a negative candidate experience?


A lack of communication, that is.

Candidates hate being in the dark and simply want to be kept informed. It’s not even about the offer in most cases; candidates want to be respected. The IBM study even found that declined candidates that received a positive experience will even apply in the future!

If a company wants to acquire talent in this tight labor market, they need to focus on this. And if they work with recruiting partners, they need to make sure that these partners are treating their candidates the right way.

A good recruiting partner will help to provide that professional and positive candidate experience, figuratively (and sometimes literally) holding your candidate’s hand from start to finish.


DTG Consulting is a boutique staffing & recruiting firm that excels in providing positive and professional candidate experiences.  We hope to have the opportunity to consult with you on the experience your company gives to candidates to help your business grow.

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