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Database Developer

Fortune 100 company in Tampa, FL has an immediate need for a Database Developer. This resource will be responsible for the support of existing or new DBMS facilities, which may include DBMS software, DBMS support tools, 3rd party operational applications, or Data Warehousing solutions on the DBMS platforms. Also assists with the development of new operational and Data Warehouse environments and solutions.

Company’s database environment consists of Oracle, MS/SQL Server, DB2 on IBM i and DB2 on AIX databases.  There are several 3rd party applications that utilize a MS/SQL backend, e.g. Witness, UNICA, Blue Pumpkin, Genesis/CTI and various other applications.  There is a need for production support of these 3rd party and customized databases.


  • Performs the monitoring of jobs, disk space, performance, and error logs on development Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 environments, and recommends changes or develops automated support when appropriate.
  • Provides production support and communications by working with network administrators, technical support staff, application development teams, and 3rd party vendors in order to implement tactical solutions for performance and functional issues.
  • Supports QA model cycles and data loads.
  • Provides training for users on reporting from newly implemented solutions and changes to existing solutions.
  • Prepares written Knowledge Base documentation of technical issues or software problems to further the technical knowledge of other DBAs and to avoid recurring problems.
  • Deploys and QA tests database changes via implementation into model environment.
  • Provides SQL support for ad hoc query tuning and data questions.
  • Contributes to Disaster Recovery preparation and assists with recovery strategy as needed.
  • Supplies input for the development of business reports using appropriate BI data reporting tools.
  • Assists with the environment build configuration and integration of current and future MS SQL Server and DB2/AIX databases for 3rd party applications such as CTI, CRM, Pega and other client server based applications.
  • Contributes to the development and communication of the deployment of SSIS ETL packages, control record updates, starting/enabling/disabling jobs, and the movement of files to be reprocessed.
  • Assists with execution of tactical plan components of the data architecture so data can be managed from a logical data design to a physical database design.
  • Supplies input for various modeling and data warehouse design methodologies to develop logical models for Data Warehouse and operational OLTP systems, based on thorough requirements analysis.
  • Contributes to company-wide data and database documentation including standards and procedures.
  • Contributes to a centralized, company-wide repository environment to capture and enable the reuse of data across projects and develops interfaces to application development tools.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience and at least 3 years of applicable DBMS experience.
  • Knowledge of logical and physical data design techniques, knowledge of CASE tools and dictionary software.
  • Familiar with complete application development life cycle.
  • Knowledge and/or experience with client server technology and distributed databases.
  • Knowledge of multiple DBMS’s across multiple platforms.
  • Ability to manage workload in an aggressive, multi-tasking environment
  • Strong oral and written communications
  • Strong PC experience including Windows and the MS Office suite
  • The ability to share learned knowledge to increase support level of database systems
  • Willingness to learn through on the job experience and support new technology
  • Willingness to perform additional, unplanned project work when assigned
  • Must be a team player.


  • Experience in a Oracle, SQL Server, and/or DB2 on IBM i database environment.
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)
  • Experience with Oracle Essbase OLAP software, multi-dimensional databases and data mining
  • Knowledge of Life Insurance, Marketing, Telemarketing, Call Center and Data Warehouse systems and applications.
  • Application package experience – (especially IMA’s Telemar and Genelco’s LSP).
  • Programming knowledge and practical experience in Visual Basic, ASP, and/or .Net
  • Familiar with CA ERWin data modeling software.
  • Experience with Windows Scripting.
  • Experience with UNIX shell scripting.


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