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Salesforce Administrator

The Salesforce Administrator is responsible for supporting the operations of client’s Salesforce system and will manage the organization wide technology tools and systems, acting as central owner and technical support for staff.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Act as central support and advisor to staff and leadership around technology tools and systems.

Research best practices and new technology and tools and make recommendations to leadership, and lead efforts to improve our internal communications and collaboration through improved technology and systems.

Lead Salesforce implementation project and manage Salesforce platform on an ongoing

Responsible for maintaining client’s Salesforce instance including NPSP maintenance, fundraising process, partner recruitment process and program tracking including:

Initial Salesforce Implementation

Lead implementation of Salesforce database for Partnerships, Training, and QI teams, as well as integration with existing Development/Communications instance.

Ensure timely completion of implementation project by effectively project managing implementation team, bringing together internal content experts and Salesforce team leads as needed, and acting as point person for external consultants.

Execute timely and effective implementation that meets urgent, must-have department needs while minimizing costs and database complexity.

Manage existing external consultants during initial build and ongoing as needed.

Depending on hire date, Salesforce administrator will likely jump into the initial platform implementation project half-way, and quickly take over project management.

Implement new configuration as needed, including creation of custom objects and fields, workflows, email alerts and templates, campaigns and more.

Create new reports and dashboards.

Create and maintain system documentation for all functional areas.

Create and document an internal training program including each department’s use of Salesforce individually, and provide live support and training to new and existing end-users regularly.

Monitor and manage all system releases for Salesforce, NPSP and any integrated apps

Import and update data into Salesforce regularly.

Strategize with the companies team leadership to address issues within or affecting Salesforce as needed.

Identify system usage problems and craft solutions as needed.

Manage Internal Tools and Systems

Manage org-wide subscriptions for tech tools and systems such as Google Drive, Asana, and Slack.

Roll out new tools to organization, helping staff see the benefits and teaching them how to use the tools effectively.

Request/create new logins for staff as needed, and help new staff get up to speed on all relevant tools.

Research intranet options, advise leadership on best practices, and implement solution.

Technology & Tools Training

Coordinate trainings to ensure all relevant staff members are fully equipped to leverage internal tools (including the Salesforce platform).

Create and lead ongoing trainings for new and existing staff as needed.


Excellent Benefits/401K  from Day 1


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