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Job searching is challenging for everyone, but those who realize they need or want to change their career track may face special challenges. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help your search for career change a successful one:

  • Identify your transferable skills and experience and articulate clearly how you can use them to add value to any organization.
  • Build a prospect list of potential employers that interest you.
  • Research those companies thoroughly. This is important in any job hunt, but when you’re trying to break into a new field, it can make or break you, so get to know them as though you were thinking of investing your own money in them.
  • Gather feedback on your transferable skills from the perspective of people in your target companies.
  • Change the look of your resume. Here’s a quick and tip to quickly matching your resume to your new industry: find an online job description that matches where you see yourself. Print it out and highlight each and every word and phrase that you have matching experience in (in your current industry). If this is the job you want, then these key words and phrases must have the leading role in your resume in order to spark interest.
  • Work through your existing network to develop contacts inside or close to your target companies and learn about them from the inside. This will help when you start to generate interviews.

Shifting gears in your career (especially if you’ve been working in the same field for a long time) isn’t easy, but these days, career paths are rarely linear. And no matter what your reason for looking, the right career is out there for you. Research your options, evaluate your strengths, learn new skills, and fortify your resolve to make change, and you’ll find the path that’s right for you.

– Bill Barry

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