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Through the years DTG has curated teams of highly qualified professionals who can work at the client’s direction or handle the entire project within the areas of: Data Management, Information/Cyber Security, Anti-Money Laundering and Application Portfolio Management.

Our services span the entire spectrum of the data lifecycle and touch Data “People, Processes and Technology”.

I – Resource Services:

We offer direct placements and staff augmentation professional services within:


  • Client Data/AML/KYC
  • Securities Data
  • Sarbanes Oxley


  • Data Architecture
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Quality
  • Business Intelligence
  • Project Management
  • Big Data Hadoop

II – Solutions Services:

DTG’s highly skilled staff of consulting professionals provides leadership, advice and execution capabilities for our clients within these areas.

  • Data Management Advisory and Strategy
  • Data Management Risk Control Framework (DMRC)
  • Data Management Capabilities Model (DCAM)
  • RDA Compliance (BCBS 239)
  • Metadata Management
  • Data Governance
  • Information Privacy

III – Alliance Partners – Centers of Expertise:

DTG works with our software partners to deliver services in the form of certified experts including; Microsoft SharePoint, SalesForce, Collibra, DataCloaking, and CAST Software.

Centers of Expertise:

Microsoft – SharePoint

Collibra Integration | Enterprise .NET Applications | Enterprise Database Management – SQL Server (Always ON) | Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform & Services | Implementation of Exchange Server | Enterprise-class virtualization using Hyper V | Migrating to Hyper-V

DTG’s clients have relied on us to implement, manage and optimize their SharePoint platforms since 2008. Supporting all versions, DTG offers a comprehensive suite of SharePoint Services including: Planning; Design and development of business workflow; Infrastructure/Implementations; Migrations, Support and Maintenance , Designing and Developing Business Workflow using SharePoint and Collibra and Developing BI & KPI Solutions using SharePoint and Collibra


As a Collibra Partner, DTG helps clients optimize their utilization of Collibra to meet their data governance business challenges. Our team, consists of distinct units of high experienced Data Governance SME’s and Collibra Ranger Technical resources.

DTG’s Expertise includes:

  • Collibra Installation and Configuration
  • Implementation and Maintaining Data Governance workflow within Collibra
  • Collibra Optimization, Customization and Integrations
  • Migration to Collibra Connect
  • Colllibra Product Support
  • Integration of Microsoft SharePoint and Collibra

Personal Identifiable Information Cloaking – Proven, Cost Effective Data Governance/Cyber Security Methodologies to protect your PII and reduce the risk of theft and cyber breaches

DTG’s unique process combines data governance and cyber security, reducing risk of theft of PII and cyber breaches. Leveraging Data Governance and Cyber Security best practices enables organizations to protect their PII both from external and internal vulnerabilities. DTG’s Methodology and Solutions Architecture is extendable to any business and operational process that collects and captures personal identification information (PII).


Health Check Assessments:

A structured program to measure the baseline level of competency, capability and compliance within the organization, including testing for vulnerabilities

Ongoing Portfolio Reviews and Testing:

Subscription service which provides periodic testing for vulnerabilities and measurement of progress within the PII process control environment