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Unfortunately for the job seeker, in today’s competitive environment, just answering questions at the interview will not land you the job. While we all focus on knowing all the right answers and impressing our interviewers, knowing what to ask can tell employers much more about you than any answer you might have given.

You need to be prepared for the interview:

1) learn all you can about the company prior to the interview; 2) if it is a technical interview, review; 3) dress for success and finally, 4) prepare a list of questions for the interviewer. Bring along a 3×5 card with 3 things you most want to tell them about yourself and 3 questions you have for them.

A few good questions to ask an interviewer:

  • What is the most important task that you need someone for this position to complete in the first 1-3 months at the company?
    (Pay attention to the answer you get. Show enthusiasm)
  • If I started this afternoon, what would I be working on?
  • How would I be spending most of my day?

End of interview questions are critical…Here are a few to think about:

  • I’m very interested in this opportunity. Would you be able to tell me where I stand compared to your ideal candidate?
  • I’m wondering where you are in your hiring process?

This is a great question, because depending on what the interviewer will respond, you’ll know what to write in follow-up message or thank you email.

In a 2nd or Final round interview, you can ask: “How do I stand against the people you have interviewed?” The response you hear will give you clues as to what to write in a thank you note, or how to answer other questions better. Listen and self-diagnose the response.

Your enthusiasm for the job should come across in your answers: “If you’re not asking questions about a job you’re interested in, then I wonder why you’re interviewing for it in the first place.” The worst thing you can do is wait until the end of the interview to ask your questions.

-Patrick Shtekel

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