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Nothing can be more frustrating than waiting for a call or email status update from your recruiter in reference to a job interview from 2+ weeks ago… BE PATIENT. You are not alone.

As a recruiter, I know when you are the one seeking a new job, the wait seems endless. Take a deep breath and try to visualize what actually takes place behind closed doors when a hiring decision is being made.

Try to put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. Most likely, the hiring manager is very busy because he or she is overwhelmed with daily responsibilities and on top of that, short staffed, and the work is piling high. Plus, they are busy setting up interviews and taking time out to make themselves available multiple times thru out the week to meet with potential candidates (such as yourself). The candidates that are being interviewed must be scheduled and accommodated based on their availability during business hours. Take into account you may need to meet other people within the group and each one has several things to do throughout the week (patience starts to play a major role).

On the other hand, many companies these days may take an extra-long time to make a decision. Many companies, unfortunately, don’t do a very good job of letting people know if their resume has been received or if they are still in consideration.

Bottom line, if you hear your recruiter tell you “You are still in the running” or the HR manager states “They are still thinking of you” these are both positive signs. The ABSOLUTE wrong thing to do is to keep calling your recruiter or reaching out to HR on a daily basis. Be Patient and Courteous. If it is meant to be, IT WILL HAPPEN.

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