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SharePoint – Collibra Integration

This is the first of a series of articles detailing SharePoint and Collibra integration with best practices, addressing challenges and providing best Data Governance practices for the Enterprise.

DTG is a delivery partner for Microsoft serving the Global 1000 market with SharePoint expertise and solutions. Our Data Management practice also serves the same market.

The SharePoint-driven use case that we saw time and again as we helped our clients with architecture, design, organizing workflow and content within SharePoint was the critical need to connect with the client’s Data Governance program.

We discovered that the link and integration of SharePoint policy, procedures, other documentation and content could be a critical enabler for organizations to link their Data strategy with their Business strategy.

So from our perspective, we searched for an efficient Data Governance repository that understood the value of business content being captured with Microsoft SharePoint. We did our due diligence and chose Collibra as the most flexible tool, with the best integration capabilities, to facilitate integration between these platforms.

As a result of our findings, DTG has developed the intellectual property to enable this integration which is a seamless back and forth process from Microsoft’s SharePoint to Collibra and back again, complete with viewing capabilities from either platform.

We see many organizations in the early stages of their Data Governance journey. There is a pressure building for organizations to be able to articulate and measure value for business lines and functions.

DTG’s expertise in SharePoint can help your organization’s Data Governance leadership bridge this gap by creating seamless transparency across SharePoint and Collibra.

– John Mulholland

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