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Social media has become a very important tool in today’s society. This tool can be used for many good reasons, but at the same time must be used carefully and with sensitivity and perception. Many times people connect with their future colleagues/managers and making a first impression can be done only once.

Here are some helpful tips and some things to avoid.


  • Have a professional picture for those who connect. (A picture says a thousand words and you want those words to be positive.)
  • Make posts that are appropriate for the site you’re on. (ie: LinkedIn posts should pertain to work, not personal opinions.)
  • Be Visual. Using photos can increase your social media approach.


  • Do not take sides. Especially when it comes to issues that are frequently debated. (ie: Religion, sports, politics, etc.)
  • Do not confuse clients with multiple profiles on the same network. Be careful with this tool because it can be used for many good reasons. However, at the same time it must be used carefully and discreetly.
  • Avoid Poor Grammar and Spelling. Few things reduce your credibility as quickly as mistakes in spelling and grammar.
  • Do not write in ALL CAPS. It is visually abrupt and it sends out negative communication.
  • It is not looked on favorably to use the same post and to share it over and over again. It demonstrates lack of aspiration.

– Daniel Herreros


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