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Why is it necessary to know the difference? Where do organizations start – and how DTG’s SharePoint / Collibra offerings can help you on the road to success.

Today in our regulatory driven world, data related issues are front and center. Organizations are investing heavily in data related initiatives in support of regulatory compliance, infrastructure, and analytics – all focused on cleaning up, controlling, processing, reporting, and utilizing their data assets.

In spite of all this investment, the only consistency about these initiatives is that there is no consistency regarding the approach to drive these initiatives across organizations. Each organization usually attempts to establish its own customized approach with unique roadmaps, objectives and goals. Data Management leadership and / or Chief Data Officers often attempt to establish a Data Governance framework as an initial step in their journey. However, is this the best thing to do?

Many clients ask us about this important issue. We frequently sense a misunderstanding of the overlap of Data Management and Data Governance.

A Data Management Program is the effort to establish a culture of control over an organization’s data, both data at rest and data in motion. Data Management is fundamentally driven by policy and procedures. An organization’s Data Management Program must be auditable.

Data Governance is a process. The Data Governance process has structure, scope, accountability, roles, and reporting. Most importantly, Data Governance is measurable.

Data Governance is a component of the activities within a Data Management Program.

DTG helps our clients recognize these differences. We have built unique offerings to help our clients launch both successful Data Management and Data Governance programs. Our offerings are aligned to the Data Management best practices as developed within the EDM Council’s DCAM.

DTG offers organizations an approach to building a Data Management control environment utilizing both a top down (policy and procedures) and bottom up (critical data elements) roadmap by leveraging Data Governance for both. DTG’s offerings, which are built upon intellectual property developed through our partnerships with Microsoft SharePoint and Collibra, provide a proven repeatable approach for organizations to start attaining successes across the complex and challenging world of data.

– John Mulholland

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