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DTG's Value to our clients

DTG Consulting Solutions is dedicated to finding our clients the best resources for their budget. By securing the best and most knowledgeable consultants, or by selecting the finest direct hire candidates, DTG provides value to our clients by keeping your projects on schedule, within budget and expertly staffed from beginning to end. DTG offers clients timely sourcing of skilled consultants to complement and complete your existing staff. We will handle recruitment and selection of full time staff. We administer comprehensive drug and criminal background checks of all potential candidates to ensure only the most reliable professionals are chosen. Whether you are looking for a single resource or an entire team, DTG provides the IT professionals your business needs.

DTG Consulting Solutions has been the trusted name in IT domestic and international staffing since 1972. We pioneered the movement to use foreign staff for domestic needs and have remained committed to devising innovative solutions to your company's staffing needs ever since. We offer a core team of experienced recruiting professionals. Our experts specialize in the fields of information technology, compliance, anti-money laundering and mobile applications. Our reach extends to all US cities, Europe, Asia and Australia. The vast majority of our recruiting team has been with DTG for over a decade and are simply the best in the business.

DTG Consulting Solutions understands the importance of customer service. We insist on going beyond providing expert staffing solutions and bring you the absolute best in customer service. Regardless of the clients we're serving, our objective remains the same. Our mission is to maintain a clear, direct and concise relationship with each client by providing the best business solution in the most precise manner. We accomplish this by working alongside your project teams and providing the talent your project needs for success.

Our clients span a wide variety of market sectors. Some of our clients include: