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Capital Markets & Finance Staffing

Quantitative Research, Trading & Technology/IT Placements

DTG Finance & Capital Markets is known for our superior placement/recruitment services and strong industry contacts in the Quantitative Research / Algorithmic / Systematic / Proprietary Trading and Trading Systems/Infrastructure organizations.  We deliver the finest professionals to financial companies worldwide, buy and sell sides:  Commercial Banking and Financial Services (Banks, Mutual Funds, Broker-Dealers, Specialists, Financial Exchanges and ECNs), Alternative Investments (Hedge Funds, Funds of Funds, Investment Banks, Proprietary Trading), and Sell-Side Algorithmic Trading Specialists as well as FinTech firms.

Our Staff

Recognized for our professionalism, discretion and industry experience, our strength lies in the lasting relationships we have forged with the most successful, innovative institutions globally. Our senior-level staff leverages a combination of Wall Street experience, multi-industry perspective and solid business expertise to identify and quantify the best talented professionals for our clients’ unique requirements. We provide job market analysis/advice based on extensive Capital Markets and Technology knowledge gathered from years of experience dealing with thousands of clients and candidates in the industry.

The business and financial areas we cover include:

  • Quantitative and Fundamental Analysis: Modeling/Research/Development
  • Proprietary Trading Strategies Development and Portfolio Management
  • Credit and Market Risk Management
  • Financial (mainly Trading) Systems Development
  • Trading Systems Support
  • Operations Support
  • Business Analysis

Front Office:

  • Traders/Strategists, Quantitative and Fundamental Analysts/Researchers and Programmers (across all product lines: Equities (Cash and Derivatives), Fixed Income (Interest Rates Derivatives, Mortgage-Backed Securities, Credit Derivatives), Commodities, FX/Currencies; on both buy and sell-side)
  • Quantitative and Fundamental Analysis: Modeling/Research
    Analysts, Researchers, Modelers, Quantitative Developers
  • Proprietary Trading Strategies Development and Portfolio Management:
    High-Frequency/Statistical Arbitrage Market-Neutral/Long-Short, Mean Reversion, Relative Value, Trend/Counter Trend, Event-Driven, Global Macro, Quant Fundamental
  • Automated/Algorithmic Execution Strategies: Customer, Block, Program,Agency Trading
    Quantitative Analysts, Programmers
  • Electronic/Automated Market-Making
    Quantitative Analysts/Researchers, Quantitative Programmers/Developers

Risk Management:

  • Market and Credit Risk Management: Empirical Research, Multi-factor modeling, Regression Analysis Researchers, Programmers, Risk Managers 

Trading Technology:

  • Trading Systems Development: Order Management, Order Routing, ECN connectivity, Market Data, Bloomberg, Reuters, EBS, Instinet APIs; (Quantitative Strategies Integration, Infrastructure Systems Development, Architecture)
  • Trading Systems Support: Trading Desk: IT support, PnL Reporting/Monitoring, Positions-Pre/Post-Trade Analysis, Reconciliations

Middle/Back Office Operations, Compliance:

  • Operations/IT
  • Support
  • Compliance